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Juin 2016


Get in contact with your Environmental Health Colleagues Worldwide. The IFEH has established 16 Special Interest Groups. You need to have a profile on to join. However, these LinkedIn groups are for members of the IFEH only – in order for you to rest assure that your messages and questions are only addressed and visible to other professionals. The groups are listed below.




The IFEH connects some 50,000+ individual professionals through out our IFEH member organisations and associated on all continents. The intention is to use this great poll of professional skills and sharing of knowledge Worldwide in the interest of advancing the effect of each of us performing our daily work locally and at the same time helping our colleagues Worldwide in advancing the effect of their duties and planning.

The groups are: (sorted by name)


Air Pollution

Climate Change & Environmental health

Communicable Disease

Disaster Risk Management and Risk Reduction

Drinking Water

Food Safety & Security

Housing and Shelter

Indoor Air Quality

Nature & Wild Life Protection

Noise pollution

Pest & Vector Control

Pollution from Industry

Port Health

Public Health & Health Equity

Waste Management

Wastewater Management


Each group will be lead/supervised by a chairperson being a member of the IFEH. The IFEH Board of Directors in this start up phase will appoint these chairpersons. Until then the admittance to the groups is run by the IFEH Webmaster - Hon. Vice President of IFEH: Henning I. Hansen. By 2017 each IFEH SIG are to elect their Group Chair person for a two-year period amongst the group members. So any of you – being member of one of the IFEH SIG - could be the coming IFEH-SIG Group Chair person. You are all welcomed to join one – or more of the IFEH SIGs

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