Appel à candidatures étudiantes - IFEH 

Mars 2017


Voyage international et santé



Undergraduate Students from IFEH Member Countries or our Academic Association members are INVITED to submit a 2000-3000 Word Essay and accompanying power-point presentation.




“International Travel & Health”

Discuss the implications of International Travel Health and consider disease information, vaccination, travel health risks including: environmental risks, infectious disease & potential risks, accidental injury and speed of pan continental transmission including controls to minimise the global public health risks.




International travel can pose various risks to health, depending on the characteristics of both the traveller and the travel. Travellers may encounter sudden and significant changes in altitude, humidity, microbes, and temperature, which can result in ill health.


In addition, serious health risks may emerge in areas where accommodation is of poor quality, hygiene and sanitation are inadequate, medical services are not well developed and clean water is unavailable. Finally, travellers are at risk of dying or being injured in road traffic accidents.


Without proper advice and sufficient protection, travellers can expose themselves to all these health risks and bring back infectious agents to their countries of origin. By taking the necessary measures, however, it is possible to minimise those risks.


Under the International Health Regulations (2005), WHO works with Member States and partners to establish and implement the required policies and procedures for managing the potential public health risks associated with the international movement of people and goods.




Submit a 2000 - 3000 word Essay - Literature Review and/or Case Study. Students should complete a literature review and an analysis of the issue based on the current publications and agreed International Travel Health Controls to manage public health risks.




Completed entries should be sent no later than 30th April 2017 to Rod House, Hon Secretary IFEH at using word, pdf & ppt formats.




A panel of judges chaired by the IFEH President Peter Archer will review the Essays and Presentations and select the Award Winner for the Roy Emerson Award.


The Winner will be notified of the Roy Emerson Award by 30 May 2017 by the Hon Secretary. The winning entry will be invited to receive the Roy Emerson Award and present the essay at the IFEH Academic Conference in Jamaica from 22-26 October 2017. All expenses for travel and accommodation will be paid by the Federation.


The winning essay as any other entries can be published through the IFEH website and Journal if the IFEH so chooses.

This Essay Competition is Only open to Undergraduate Students.

Peter Archer

President IFEH

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